Custom Dispatch Software


The state of the art custom dispatch software is Info tech’s flagship applications designed to deliver the maximum output with measured controls. It excels in performance by combining the trip scheduling, booking and dispatch. It comes integrated with a billing module which can be used by number of customers in the logistics and transport business line to keep accounting records of their trips and cost management.
Being cloud based, you need no deployment every time you relocate office or simply move place to place. No standalone software installation means you can use the custom dispatch software on the go. The system is all web based so you are never disconnected from your operations and drivers.
The auto dispatch update is dedicated to provide real time scheduling taking care of most of the dispatching and related tasks automatically. This includes appointment times, transit locations, driver type, vehicle type, assigning best cost effective route based on Google GeoMaps etc. there is always room for customization based on tailored need of the clients.


Simple to use yet innovative in design, the dispatch software sends the instructions automatically to the driver’s smartphones with all details such as drive route, drive time and distance to cover for destination and start waypoints. The dispatcher can see the progress of the Trip through the dispatch module keeping track and profitability in line.

Web & Client Portal

The customized Cloud based custom dispatch software comes preloaded for an option to web based portal which is flexible for further customization as per client requirement if need be. Making sure that you stay connected with your assets and operations all the time.

IOS/Android based Apps

The Custom dispatch Software is designed for effective communications across multiple platforms, including I-phones and Android based smartphones. This feature enables a 2 way communication through app chats between dispatcher and the drivers and updates the driver’s location at any given time through the GPS in the custom dispatch software.

Billing & Invoicing Module

Innovative and reliable Billing/invoicing module of the Custom dispatch software makes it a favored choice of medium to large business enterprises. Simple accounting is kept and done by the system for trips and load capacities hauled. No need to install a separate accounting software just to keep track of your profitable routes as its all being taken care by the info tech’s Custom Dispatch Software.