GPS Tracking Units

Custom Dispatch Software

  • Make calculated profits and cut costs by employing the precise custom dispatch software. Optimize your output by restraining the unnecessary losses.

Cloud Fleet Tracking

  • Small or large cloud based fleet tracking software gives you control over your assets on the move. Industry needs based fleet management software with precision.

Tracking Unit

  • Effective GS tracking for a) Personal tracking b) Vehicle Tracking c) Asset Tracking.
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GPS Tracking Units & Cloud Based GPS Tracking

Need an efficient quick track of your vehicles, assets on move or perhaps your pet? Info tech’s Cloud based GPS tracking system along with the GPS tracking units are your ticket to freedom. Track & monitor your assets movements, track your vehicles in real time and maintain control over features for safety and alarms in case of an emergency.
With wide variety of GPS TRACKING UNITS on offer, Info Tech gives you the choice to select a Tracking unit based on your specific needs. The GPS TRACKING units are designed devices that deliver seamless and accurate information and tracking locations through the cloud based GPS Tracking system.

GPS TRACKING of Vehicles:

Feel the freedom to control and monitor your vehicles on the GO virtually anywhere from the world. The GPS tracking system allows you to monitor the progress of your drivers and vehicles through internet using the highly advanced GPS tracking units. It gives you the exact information on the vehicle and drivers so that you make the right decision.

Real Time Cloud GPS TRACKING:

The advanced GPS tracking software is designed to communicate across multiple platforms of smartphones and through designed Apps on I-phone and android systems you can establish and maintain real time GPS TRACKING as well as two way communications all time. You will never be disconnected from your assets or operations.

Personal GPS Tracking:

Keep an eye all the time through the monitoring and review tabs of GPS TRACKING system on your children and pets. With two way communication and safety alerts you can setup safe zones and geo fence the movement pattern. Keeping track of pets and children has never been so easy and reliable.