Job Management Board

Dynamic Job Management

  • Streamline, manage and review your job tasks and assignment effectively through the Job management board. Easy of functionality ensures you don’t miss a deadline or over shoot an open task. Access your job tracking from I phone & Android on the GO. A cloud based job management Board is the answer to your reliable and secure management solutions.

Game-changing Cloud Based Job Management Board by InfoTech. Totally transformed our company’s job dispatch and management routine.”

Tim Leone

Job Management Board

Info Tech presents its Job Management Board laid on principals of effective and efficient job management portals. While simple to use, it packs feature rich enhancements which gives you the freedom to assign track and monitor the tasks easily.
All jobs and tasks are managed real time so it means you are always connected with your project and can keep track of operations at all times from across the globe. You can be mobile and yet you will have full control execution for follow-ups and monitoring just as you are in the office any given time.
The efficient design layout gives you the access to the Client & Site management portal on which you can have more than one companies or businesses assigned for tasking. No need to have each business profile with dedicate page in turn reducing added costs.
Employee Management is another strong feature where you can assign at your choice the employees on tasks associated with multiple clients. This helps to keep track of employee hours spent and work progress on each task he/she may be assigned by you for any given client. No need for paper logging or keeping an eye all time around your employees which ensures minimized human resource costs.
Secure and Cloud based reporting module is embedded in Job Management Board which provides you with real time information on situations empowering the user to make the right choices and decisions in order to excel your business exposures to extreme.