Let’s GROW together…

For a healthy business to grow, there is a constant need for an expansion that can last, revenue that can sustain and progress that is not hindered through any unforeseen factor. HA-Infotech is one of the leading benchmark names in IT technologies across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing customers and its Partner associates with such progressive platforms through its reseller programs.
Join the Team as Investor Partner, become one of the Affiliates and resell HA-Infotech technologies or simply buy any HA-Infotech product or service solution to gain access to rewarding features. With features as Training programs, access to Webinars for products and service orientation, the Partner Information Archives with insight and timely information for market trends, an opportunity to use HA-Infotech’s professional Marketing team to promote your business/product or brands, your business will always be in the spotlight with innovative edge.
With Purchase of any Service module and product from HA-Infotech, you gain reward points which can be used to purchase as credit, added features or support hours. The reward points you accumulate are the CURRENCY of Trust with HA-Infotech that ensure a profitable growth for you and your business.

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