Email Marketing / Telemarketing

Depending on the type of business of a client, another important and direct approach of Email and telemarketing can be applied to enhance overall sale and growth of the potential client. The online marketing is covered through email campaign through which the customer’s products are directly promoted through emails. This can be a standard email or a defined and purpose designed email with digital graphic matter to highlight the product/service of the customers.
The other direct marketing is done by the telemarketing Sales team. A dedicated resource team is employed for the customer project that is provided with tailored script and notes along with training on the relevant product and services the client is offering and needs to highlight or promote on calls. The Team takes care of the campaigns by the dedicated VIOP server that keeps log of all the calls made and statuses of open calls or potential sales. This way, we make sure there are no idle time on part of team that is being wasted. Through constant monitoring and checking the sales and marketing campaigns generate the most of traffic along with revenues for customers.
Info Tech over the period of last 5 years has deployed and maintained many telemarketing campaigns for its clients across the United States of America. The Testimonials from our dedicated satisfied clients is proof of the highest quality of standards Info Tech keeps when it comes to Product branding.