InfoTech’s ERP team was very responsive to tailor the solution during the project to meet our specific research administration requirements.”

David Driesbach

ERP Application Assistance

As per standards of the modern IT industry, the businesses around the globe are switching rapidly to the upgrade approach by deploying and employing state of the art ERP applications to strengthen the competitive edge they have in the IT market segment. This ensure continuity of operations through tight secure and controlled modules which access and maintain the data throughout the system.
Not all businesses require the full packages of ERP Applications or the high end deployments of costly systems like SAP & ORACLE. There is always a need to understand the requirement and the need of required functionalities, this is where Info Tech comes in.
The dedicated resource team here at Info tech is committed to provide you with the best of the Enterprise Resource Planning applications and modern practices that are employed in this vastly sought after upgrade. The team is professional and motivated to make sure they impart strategic knowledge over to you for your requirements with a detail RFQ for planning phase.
Info tech’s partner’s consortium comprises top market names including Oracle and Microsoft with their own top of the line ERP Application Software. Based upon your requirement analysis, Info tech can deliver you the best cost effective, extending ERP Solutions and deployment round the clock.
The implementation is conducted based on the current market proven implementation standards. ERP impact analysis is conducted in time in order to ascertain the impact limitation and issues, which increases the deployment accuracy with minimum setbacks. The implementation process may extend in scope and ideologies depending on the business dimension which may require extended Requirement engineering and Analysis and ERP Application Integration Services.
Requirement Engineering Analysis is the focal aspect of any ERP Application implementation. It encompasses documentation and initial analysis of the client requirement Enterprise resource Planning (ERP) projects. In includes the designing and development processing of business needs and requirements, the implementation of the modules and deployment ending with an extended testing to ensure the whole process of ERP application is executed smoothly.
Sharing Data is common in businesses both in internal and external levels for operations. This exposes a potential threat of compromise. To address this issue, Info tech has employed a practice of data base integrations also commonly known as ERP application Integration. This is used when we need to customize an ERP for specific aspect of the business domain and may not need to have the full features which may prove useless in the long run. The CRM is one example which can be tailored specifically to customer requirement and modules are customizable accordingly. So if you are in need of one or two modules you don’t need to purchase the whole package, ERP Application Integration at Info tech can do it for easily.