InfoTech’s Health Care software is a complete user-friendly web-based software that helps home health organizations increase revenue, decrease costs and improve collaboration.”

Jerry H.

Health Care Solutions

Info tech has over the years extended its domain experience of IT practices and implementations to multiple business entities and thus has developed some of the fine examples of Software for the medical sector. The Health sector has expanded vastly and ranges in different segments which may differ from country to country. The unified platform offered by the Info tech’s unique health care Solution is a perfect suit to work with the industry standard Electronic medical Record also commonly known as EMR as well as Electronic Health Records also known as EHR.
With one platform in common the health Care solution is designed to bring Doctors, the patients and the relevant data in synch to optimize the delivery process of the health care. The Cloud based EMR and EHR Healthcare solutions mean there is no need to do a standalone install every time for every computer which cuts down on the added costs of software licensing.
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a standard of keeping and maintaining the Electronic Medical record of the patients, which may be the clinical or standard medical data in the Medical Providers official records. It contains the medical history and treatment suggested by the physician at any level of treatment the patient is going through. An EMR helps useful for a clinic to track down a patient and identify when the patient is due for protective screening.
The Electronic Health Record (EHR) is a much more detailed record pertaining to the patients entire health history maintained at all level including the condition the treatments availed and suggested by the doctor or the clinic. The EHR can be a very useful tool to cut down on costly elements and streamlining the process of the health care being administered to the relevant patient. This can enhance improved patient care, well timed and kept documentation, and relative easy and secure data access.
The state of the art cloud based EMR/EHR Health Care solution of Info Tech is your guaranteed option to make your medical business line more profitable and optimized.