VOIP Solutions

Cloud Business VoIP

  • The revolutionary cloud based VOIP solutions that are flexible and upgradeable. VOIP servers with reduced costs and extended service plans.

Hosted PBX Solutions

  • Integrated secure PBX servers that are integrated with the state of the art VOIP solutions for improved and most stable form of communication worldwide.

Customized Asterisk Servers

  • The state of the art next generation communication system. Deploy with surety to reduce overall operational costs and with streamlined communication in place.

Integrated Business VoIP

  • InfoTech helps your business grow beyond boundaries by providing state of the art Cloud Based Business VOIP Services.
  • Harness the power of Hosted PBX Solutions.
  • State of the Art Unified Communications.
  • InfoTech promises complete and customer-focused experience for every business.

As our business grows, we’re really glad we partnered with InfoTech. We have got all our business VOIP needs covered by InfoTech !”

Leading VoIP Solutions

Looking for a competitive edge than perhaps you can consider info tech’s state of the art secure and most reliable modern communication platforms. The customized VOIP solutions including the Asterisk servers and hosted PBX servers are the communications power houses of future. Designed specifically to be customizable for every business need, these robust VOIP solutions can bring your company the leading edge you aspire.
Info tech has designed the VOIP infrastructure with cohesiveness over the objective to provide the smoothest and feature rich communications system that can be deployed with security measures in place so the transition is flawless. High speed cloud VOIP solutions ensure that there are no down times and the network works efficiently without any lags or drop calls.
With info tech’s VOIP smart solutions you can experience unparalleled flexibility, speed and network integration. Easy to deploy and cost effective model designs are benchmarks of Cloud VOIP Services on offer. You can transform an ordinary system in to a powerful feature rich server and application manager giving you high performance and ease at finger tips.
The hosted PBX solutions will save you from time to time upgrades and would help you lay a future proof hosted PBX server in place of traditional IP PBX which constantly requires upgrades meaning no more added costs on updates and installations. End to end hosted PBX servers means you will always have the most recent updates in place all the time.